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Improving Search Engine Visibility with YouTube

An Effective, Entry Level Video Strategy

Video offers a high-impact medium ideal for promoting products and services, establishing credibility, building trust, and converting prospects into customers.

If you do not wish to buy high-end corporate video production, also offers a simplified production process that maximizes the SEO benefits achieved through a properly administered YouTube channel.

Since Google owns YouTube, video is now widely used to help boost SEO rankings and achieve greater visibility in search engine results.

Ten Video YouTube Packages Starting at only $3500

VideoOttawa’s corporate starter package delivers 10 quality informational YouTube videos for only $3750. To take advantage of this offer, here’s what you need and what we deliver.

What You Need

  • Sufficient website content on ten business-related keywords for to edit into 60 to 90 second scripts (i.e. Hardwood Floor, Tile Floor, Cork Floor, etc.)
  • A suitable “talking head” (business partner or long-term staff member) to represent your organization (think long-term)
  • Company logo in .eps vector format
  • Gmail Account
  • YouTube Channel

What We Deliver

  • 10 separate 60 to 90 second scripts derived from content extracted and edited from your existing website
  • Script converted to teleprompter format
  • 1 session at our studio where all 10 videos are shot back-to-back (head and shoulders with teleprompter)
  • Animated intro/outro sequence featuring your company logo
  • Relevant keywords utilized in the intro/ending description, title, tags, and filename
  • Addition of script content to each YouTube video description
  • Video editing and effects including intro/ending sequence, graphic corporate theme, editing out stumbles and slip-ups
  • Videos released in strategic sequence into the Google system (never all at once)

Extras Not Included in This Package

  • Hair and makeup
  • Professional actor
  • On site shoot
  • Keyword research
  • Content creation

How YouTube Improves Search Engine Visibility

People use keywords to search for products and services listed on business websites in your area (i.e. Ottawa Hardwood Floor). The videos we create also use keywords strategically in the video description, title, tags, and filename so the individual YouTube Video also becomes part of the search result.

Depending on the search term, content, and competition for your market segment, it is not uncommon for multiple listings for your company to appear on the same Google results page. This not only achieves greater visibility but also knocks competitors off the page.

When combined with a properly assembled Google Places listing, an optimized YouTube Channel, a social sharing strategy and solid YouTube review program, your visibility on Google will continue to improve.

Since Google bought YouTube in 2006 for 1.65 billion, it has become the second largest search engine on the Web (next to you know who). So rest assured, your investment in YouTube will get your message across and build credibility with current and potential customers.

New Analytics to Better Understand Customers

We also show you how to utilize analytics to help you better understand the geography, demographics, traffic sources, types of devices, subscribers, likes/dislikes, shares and comments that come with utilizing YouTube video as part of your web marketing strategy.


What if we don’t have enough content in our current Web site?

No problem. Our professional writers create quality content to supplement any missing information or edit existing information into script format. This copy can then be used to augment your existing website. Price varies depending on amount of content required.

What if we don’t have a YouTube channel?

For a small additional charge, will set up your YouTube Channel and activate a gmail account if required to get you going.

What if no one here is suitable to be the speaker in the video?

If no one in your organization willing or suitable to be the speaker in the video, has experienced actors available that always deliver a professional-calibre performance. Price varies with talent and includes hair and makeup.

What about hair and makeup if we supply the talking head?

Generally speaking, hair and makeup only become necessary when a female speaker is used. When required, several hair and makeup talent options are available (prices vary by supplier).

What if we want to shoot the video at our location?

We’ll come to you. We can accommodate any location as long as service charge provisions are made for site evaluation visits, equipment transport, setup and teardown.


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